Renegade Mindset Techniques for Baseball
The New Baseball Psychology

Hundreds of thousands of baseball players have tried the traditional sports psychology (positive thinking) methods to improve their performance.

Some of them have had some success - some of the time.

But from speaking with thousands of baseball players from around the world, it seems that many of you have given up in frustration.

It's not that you weren't doing it correctly or often enough, or that positive thinking and affirmations have no value, it's simply that you were missing a major piece of the puzzle.

You were practicing DENIAL. And a part of you knew it.

As they say - "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt".

You were essentially denying the part of you that knew what you were affirming, such as

"I have a .300 batting average" simply was not true.

Even as you were repeating your affirmation over and over again, part of you whispered "bull****".

I call that part of you the "inner critic".

And let's face it; the inner critic may have a point.

After all, it may be a fact that so far into this season, you average is only .150.

The inner critic is the voice of all negative emotions - fear, doubt, anger, embarrassment, etc. It can even be an underlying cause of physical symptoms such as tension, sweaty palms, and a variety of aches and pains.

The Renegade Mindset Techniques (RMT) for Baseball System deals specifically with recognizing and eliminating the inner critic. RMT is a sports-specific form of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the most popular method in the emerging world of Energy Psychology.

Instead of denying its existence, and allowing it to subtly sabotage our best efforts at improvement, we focus our attention on it and "clear it" with the simple yet powerful RMT protocols.

Once the negative thought or belief is acknowledged and cleared, a positive affirmation can more effectively take hold in your conscious and subconscious mind. You will have eliminated its competition, and therefore it will be easier to accept.

The RMT for Baseball routines always begin with recognition of the negative issue. Then you will focus on that particular issue while "tapping" to eliminate it.

DO NOT be concerned about "being negative"!

Remember, it is the acknowledgement and clearing of the negative that is the key.
With the negative feeling/emotion cleared, THEN you can install the positive substitution with ease.

Stephen Ladd is a Baseball Mental Performance Coach pioneering breakthrough energy psychology techniques, hypnoisis and NLP, and the creator of Renegade Mindset Techniques for Baseball. Visit the Renegade Baseball Psychology Performance Center for free reports, videos, newsletters and an 8 part email mini-tutorial!

Coach Stephen
The Renegade Baseball
Mental Coach

Bill Gladwell
The Renegade Baseball

Have You Heard What Other Players and Coaches Are Saying?

Realize Your Potential

I have just read Stephen Ladd's Renegade Mindset Techniques for Baseball and I don't think I have ever been this excited.

Why? Because he has created a program for serious baseball players to help themselves be their best and realize their potential.

The mysteries of our mental make-up are unveiled in his book, and proven techniques are clearly presented which finally give us some control of our most troublesome thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

The negative thoughts that hinder us all as we strive to be our best need not win over us any longer. Read Stephen's book, take it to heart, and apply the instruction and deep wisdom that it contains.

You will be a better baseball player and person for it."

Dave Hilton
Former Major League Player – San Diego Padres
Extensive Coaching Experience in MLB – Braves, Twins, Phillies, Giants and Athletics

Train Your Mind

“In my baseball career, I have sought out everything I can to legally give me a competitive advantage. I have trained and prepared to physically compete at the highest level of the game. As anyone who goes into competition knows, that's not enough.

When I discovered these techniques, I found the missing piece. This is the fastest, most effective and easiest way to train your mind like you train your body. All an athlete wants is his best game at the exact moment he needs it. These techniques will prepare your mind to work in sync with your body and you will find your best game much easier and at the times you need it the most.

With the use of these techniques I found a fast and effective way to consistently perform at my best. It has helped my game and my life tremendously and I am sure it can do the same for you."

Pat Ahearne
AAA Pitcher


Future of Sports Psychology

"Stephen Ladd is the future of sports psychology. Use his amazing methods or get beaten by those who do!”

Eric Serrano, MD
Physician with specialty in sports performance
Columbus, OH
Consultant to athletes worldwide


Dramatic Confidence

"Being involved in baseball as a player and coach my entire life I can tell you that the mental aspect of the game is what separates the big money players from the rest of the crowd. These mindset techniques are revolutionary, unique, and yes... Renegade! In just a short time of using these techniques on myself as well as my more advanced ball players, we all agree that our confidence on the field has dramatically improved, we are seeing the ball better, our breathing is controlled, there is no anxiety, and our bodies simply feel right. And the best part is, if we loose focus at any point, we simply get it back with a round of RMT.

Where was this when I was playing college ball? I would have had a career playing with the pro's instead of just working with them.

Yours in Baseball,
Coach Dan

Produces Results

“As a coach to elite athletes, and a competitor myself, I give my highest recommendation to the RMT methods of mental game conditioning. Stephen has laid out a simple to follow plan that will accelerate the performance and ultimate success of ANY athlete in ANY sport. It is required reading at Pilgers Training Systems, because any coach or player without these tools is at a severe disadvantage.

In the end it’s all about results, and RMT produces results in spades!”

Rob Pilger
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Founder, Pilgers Training Systems

Conquer Pressure

"I just can’t thank you enough for how your book has helped my 14 year old son. He has always wanted to make the traveling team, but could never play quite well enough in the tryouts. He would just get nervous and timid. Each year that you didn’t make it seemed to add to the disappointment.

This season that has all changed, thanks to your book! After using the tapping in the off season he seems like a different player in the pressure situations, and was the best in tryouts for the traveling team. I get nervous watching him play, but he sure isn’t.

And the confidence seems to be more than just on the field. He just seems to be a happier kid all around.

Thanks again.”

Joyce B.
Proud Baseball Mom
Dallas, Texas

Eliminate Pre-Game Anxiety

"Dear Coach Stephen,

I just wanted to write to you to tell you about how impressed I am with your new book, Renegade Mindset Techniques for Baseball. After reading your book RMT for Golf, and applying the techniques on my golf clients, I couldn’t wait to see what techniques you came up with for baseball. As I expected, I was very impressed!

After reading the baseball book, and seeing how you applied the tapping for different baseball issues, I was psyched to get started. I am currently working with a college baseball team, and since it is still cold out, and not very conducive to playing baseball outside, I have started with a lot of the visual challenges you describe in your book. It has absolutely made a difference in lowering the intensity levels of specific game related anxieties. As today is the first day of spring, I look forward to seeing how my ballplayers see the difference on the field
in real game situations.

I specifically liked the batting cage challenge, and the way you scored the results before and after. I always find that my clients enjoy the games that you have created for athletes to judge their results before and after tapping. It becomes very tangible for them.

Again, thanks for writing a book like this. I think it is priceless for anyone who is interested in improving their enjoyment of playing baseball, as well as their statistics!

Exponential Success Always!"

Dr. Fred Feldstein
The Sky Is The Limit
Peak Performance Coaching

Always in the Zone

"Your RMT book is great! I'm a catcher for XXXXXXXX University. The competition is tough and the pressure to perform in every game is high.

In the pre-season I have played really well behind the plate and at bat. After 6 games I'm at 385 (ended last season at 220). I know its early to be excited, but there is a huge difference in my confidence and how I am always in the zone.

This is going to be a great season for me. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you!"

Name withheld due to NCAA regulations

Get Results Now

"Stephen Ladd’s Renegade Mindset programs for athletes are innovative and powerfully effective. They are on the leading edge of sports performance enhancement. Yes, he’s a renegade, but a friendly one, with a cheeky sense of humor and a refreshingly pragmatic approach. The best thing is that you can start getting results NOW, within minutes of applying his techniques. There is no need to be held back any longer. Stephen’s Renegade Mindset materials will equip you with the tools you need to blast through your previous limits and propel your performance to new heights.

Steve Wells
Steve Wells and Associates Pty Ltd.
Psychologist and Peak Performance Specialists

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